“Casino Shock” Grand Korea Leisure Returns Management Performance Pay

Casino(카지노사이트) public company Grand Korea Leisure (GKL) announced on the 27th that it will enter an emergency management response system to normalize its management after escaping from the sluggish sales caused by COVID-19. In line with the government’s innovation stance, all executive bonuses will be returned and wasted office space will be reduced.

The GKL recently made the decision to follow President Yoon Seok-yeol’s instructions on reforming public institutions that “it should be reborn as a small but good-working institution” and improve management performance.

Accordingly, the bonus returned by GKL President Kim Young-san and other executives will be used for overseas marketing to attract casino tourists to Korea. The executive space, such as the reduced or abolished reception room, is planned to be created as an employee work space such as a conference room to increase work efficiency.

In the future, GKL will also actively reflect various opinions of private experts to promote intensive business innovation and structural reform by continuously eliminating inefficient elements in the organization.

GKL said, “We will check if there has been any lax operation,” adding, “We will lead the organization and manpower of the institution(바카라사이트) to meet the common sense and eye level of the people.”

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