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Testing Python

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Testing Python


This post is still in-progress. Please be patient and don’t read it if you are lazy to re-read it when it’s ready. When I’m finished, I will publish it on hacker news, reddits and so on, and if you are interested – you will probably won’t miss it.

Right now it’s in “alpha” stage when I ask my friends and other good people to read it and tell me what can be enhanced.

Also, you can see what’s changing here, on bitbucket, since this blog is open-source.

This article is a compilation of my thoughts, impressions and experience on writing test-driven code in python.

The article is quite big, because I wanted to make it in a format of evolution of me, as a programmer, who started as usual web-developer and upon career got more and more complex tasks and saw more and more need in test-driven development approach.

I decided to split article into parts so that it would be easier to read.

How to read this article

It is very hard to write a complete article and say everything you want to say without being verbose, so as a general, if you are already experienced programmer and know what is functional testing and mock library, you can skip first paragraphs straight to the Going deeper with unit-testing doc.

«  Red Hot Chili Python   ::   Contents   ::   How I started  »

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